Thursday, March 7, 2013

What is IT? - The Universe!

What is the Universe? Still an unresolved Theme! What is IT? - and what is all the more behind and beyond IT? What was IT before and whither does IT move?


Is IT just HERE and NOW; not more not less! It is just a perpetual process of fluctuation from one mode to another what ever it is or was?

A Book on the whole spectrum of the topic  kindly presented on the Internet for Discussion :


The Universe is Only Spacetime by John A. Macken

How many component parts are required to construct the universe? The standard model has so many component parts that it is difficult to state a specific number. String theory has vibrating strings, branes, exchange particles and 11 dimensions. This book makes the case that everything in the universe can be formed from the single building block of 4 dimensional spacetime. However, this is not the quiet, smoothly curving spacetime envisioned by Albert Einstein. Instead, it is the composite of Einstein's spacetime and the quantum mechanical spacetime filled with a tremendous energy density of quantum fluctuations. This book shows how all fundamental particles, forces and cosmology can be derived from this energetic 4 dimensional spacetime.

Download the book (5 MB .pdf)

Revision 6.3 – Placed online for comments – July 2012

Download a short essay on the unification of forces (150 KB pdf)

Placed online for comments – August 2012


Quantum mechanics is the most successful theory devised by man. However, this success is largely a case of the equations corresponding to experimental observation. The current physical interpretation of quantum mechanics does not lead to a conceptually understandable model of the universe. Furthermore, there is clear evidence that the current starting assumptions for some quantum mechanical calculations contain at least one error. When calculations fall apart and yield an impossible answer such as infinity, these equations are screaming that a rigorous extension of the starting assumptions gives nonsense. Renormalization might seem to fix the problem, but this is merely a case of artificially adjusted the answer so that it no longer is a logical extension of the starting assumptions. Instead the unreasonable answer should be taken as an indication that the model being analyzed contains at least one erroneous assumption. The approach taken in this book is to build a new conceptual model of the universe that is compatible with the equations of quantum mechanics and general relativity but is based on the simplest possible starting assumption: The universe is only spacetime.


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